Smile from the Roof
of St. Stephen's

Get your tiles of St. Stephen's Cathedral and sponsor concerts – one click and you are part of the imperial eagle on the roof of St. Stephen's in Vienna. Immortalize your donation with photo and name and share it with your friends. As a thank you will be entitled to discounts for the upcoming projects.

Supporter of the Day

I agree with the Holy Father Pope Francis, culture is especially in these times a cure for the soul and important to be able to see the beauty in this world. Donate roof tiles and support culture!

Michael Niavarani
Comedian and Theater Producer

Why your donation matters

Music and artists need a protective shelter; culture in St. Stephen's Cathedral urgently needs your support. Great concert projects shall be resumed as soon as possible. Musicians who have been unable to perform for months want nothing more than a stage and you as an audience  the Culture Shelter makes both possible.

Register as a sponsor and digitally choose your tiles in the innovative virtual Cathedral roof. Immortalize your donation with your name and photo and even a link to your website. You can share your support with others via email and social media and invite them to do the same. By the way – you are following in historical footsteps. Already the reconstruction of the cathedral roof 70 years ago was financed by private donors.

Remember, through your donation you are supporting performing artists and enabling music projects in St. Stephen's Cathedral to take place that would otherwise not be financed. As a thank you will be entitled to discounts for the upcoming projects.

Five steps to your donation. Here's how it works:

1. Click here to go directly to the donation selection or select Donate Now on the home page of the Culture Shelter.

2. Select an area from the Imperial Eagle of the Cathedral Roof, be it the crown, the heads, the scepter or the chain.

3. Select one or more of the colorful roof tiles in the detail view. Click roof tiles à € 10,-. For a multi-selection just click several roof tiles.

4. Donate by instant bank transfer or credit card directly to our donation account. The roof tiles will be colored by your donation.

5. You can personalize the roof tiles, add your photo or link your online performance. Tell your friends about your donation via WhatsApp, email or social media.

We would like to thank all sponsors for their support and look forward not only to an ever more colorful cathedral roof but also to securing the future of artists and their performances in St. Stephen's Cathedral.

Messages of Support

  • Konstantin Reymaier

    Cathedral Organist

    A roof without tiles is like an organ without pipes - donate roof tiles and sponsor culture

  • Cornelia Horak

    Soprano soloist

    There is a part of me that feels homeless. The culture shelter is like a shining star on a cold winter night. I hope that many people will help to build this roof, where we can become human again.

  • Florian Karall

    Culture Shelter - Co-Initiator, Project Coordinator

    Donating for culture has never been this easy, innovative and fun. Choose digital roof tiles of St. Stephen's, immortalize your donation with photo and name on the cathedral roof and become a patron for culture.

  • Christoph Koncz

    Conductor, Solo Violin, Principal at Vienna Philharmonic

    At Vienna's St. Stephen's Cathedral, music is gaining a mystical, deeply touching aura. We cannot wait to share these special moments with you again soon.

  • Gerald Wirth

    President of the Vienna Boys' Choir and Director of the Sing Along! Choir Festivals

    To let great choral works resound in the Cathedral with enthusiastic amateurs - a wonderful idea that must not die! With your donation to Culture Shelter you make it possible.

  • Adrian Autard & Alexandra Hauser

    Tenor Soloist | Solo Violin

    Music unites us. In the darkest moments it is in our hearts, it touches us and makes us grow! Just like in an orchestra, a choir or on the Culture Shelter, every voice counts. Be a part of it!

  • Nina-Sofie Berghammer

    Violine, Live Loop Artist & Klavier

    I am happy to support the Culture Shelter, because we artists love music and our audience and especially now music can give us the strength to go through these difficult times!

  • Yury Revich

    Solo violin

    Already at the beginning of my career I gave concerts in St. Stephen's Cathedral. Now it has been quiet there for far too long. Thank you Culture Shelter that music will soon be heard here again! I am looking forward to it.

  • Christoph Stradner

    First solo cellist at Vienna Symphony Orchestra

    Nothing can replace a live concert. I am looking forward to playing Bach in front of an audience again. The Culture Shelter makes it possible.

  • BartolomeyBittmann

    progressive strings vienna

    St. Stephen's Cathedral has been a fascinating sound space since the very beginning. In this difficult time, we are happy to support the Culture Shelter to make music possible again soon.

  • Ina Regen


    St. Stephen's Cathedral is a symbol for all of Austria, like art and culture. Music connects us and gives strength, even more so under the roof of this historic building.

  • Toni Faber

    Canon at St. Stephen's Cathedral

    For centuries, the Cathedral has hosted the most famous musicians under its roof. It has been quiet for months now; please donate for the Culture Shelter and music will soon be heard again.

  • Simone Kopmajer

    Jazz singer

    In hard times, people need music to build them up, be it classical, jazz or pop. Thanks to the Culture Shelter, which will soon let music resound again.

  • Monika Riedler

    Soprano soloist

    A room full of ideas about the unknown of life. Full of mystery. Who is still listening when the music and the words can be heard under this Culture Shelter?

  • eXtracello

    Cello Quartet

    We want to play! We need the music and our audience! And our audience needs us! And we both need a ROOF over our heads! "Spread the Music, not the Virus!"

  • Christoph Wagner-Trenkwitz


    I support the initiative Kulturdach among other things because I wish to finally hear the voice of my wife Cornelia Horak in St. Stephen's Cathedral again. I wish for music and a lively St. Stephen's again.

  • Christa Ratzenböck

    Mezzo soprano

    Music has always been a lighthouse for me in the search for meaning. May it soon return to our artistic lives and lead us into calmer waters.

  • KS Wolfgang Bankl

    Bass soloist, Ensemble of the Vienna State Opera

    Us artists are missing making music together. Singing great works in the Cathedral is enriching for every musician - thank you very much for the initiative!

  • Hartmut Pascher

    Director Harmonia Ensemble, University Professor MUK Vienna

    The Christmas concerts have put the people of Vienna, but also us musicians, in the mood for Christmas. That is what we miss very much this year. We are looking forward to making music together againnsoon.

  • Gernot Heinrich

    Tenor soloist

    Music is the most spoken language in the world, so let's not stop talking to each other!

  • Ursula Strauss


    Without art, our world is silent, how nice that there is the Culture Shelter that works for the resounding of sounds and words.

  • Markus Landerer

    Domkapellmeister at St. Stephen's Cathedral

    In one of the most beautiful churches in the world, concerts with the great works of church music must continue to be played. Thank you for your support!

  • Vijay Upadhyaya

    Director of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the University of Vienna

    Our young musicians have been able to give concerts in this impressive venue for 15 years - a great experience for everyone! We wish for more beautiful projects 2021!

  • Martina Steffl

    Alto soloist

    Singing in the cathedral is always a special experience. May concerts continue to be held in this impressive place. Music enriches our lives!

  • Kazuhiro Shimizu

    Country Representative Japan

    For many years I was able to bring my friends from Japan to concerts in St. Stephen's Cathedral. Thanks to the Culture Shelter, this will soon be possible again. Thank you Culture Shelter - we are looking forward to Vienna!

  • David Wordsworth

    Conductor & Director of the Addison Singers

    Performing in St Stephen's is an experience that nobody forgets, especially at a time when we musicians are forced to be silent. I am happy to support this project!

  • Monika & Karl Hintermeier

    Organizers Bühne im Gericht

    Arts and culture are an essential engine of our society. Just now we see how quiet it has become. Thank you Culture Shelter for the great project. Join in!

  • Michael L. Bower

    Director of Music at St. Agnes Cathedral, New York

    Music is a powerful Spirit to us ALL: It touches every fiber of our being. We are inspired and our hearts are warmed. I pray for the time when we may have live concerts again!

  • Katharina Brückner

    Senior Legal Counsel at Siemens Mobility Austria GmbH

    Many small tiles make a protective Culture Shelter. Let us all invest together with a small contribution for a future with musical diversity!

  • Gabi & Dietmar Krebbers

    Amateur singers at the Sing Along! Choir Festivals

    At home in the Cathedral - with great pleasure again and again! We are enthusiastic recurring participants at the Sing Along! Choir Festivals in St. Stephen's Cathedral.

  • Moritz Laurer

    Conductor, Organist and Correpetitor

    Music is a language - one that expresses what words can no longer say. No longer making music means no longer communicating. And no longer communicating leads to depersonalization.

  • Nicole Belecque


    How wonderful it is to have a place where amateur singers may have the ultimate singing experience. Thank you for supporting music in the Cathedral to enrich all our lives.

    Sing Along! Choir Festival 2020 cancelled

  • Musikkapelle Mühltal


    Although it was unfortunately not possible this year, it is a great pleasure for us if we are allowed to bring our musical Christmas greetings from Tyrol next year.

  • Dan Forrest


    There are thousands of composers around the world whose music needs to be heard. We composers are relying on support from patrons to continue to bring our new music to life, all around the globe.

  • Wang-yu Ko

    Concertmaster of the Vienna Cathedral Orchestra

    As we all know, people come together through art and culture. After months of silence, we will rise again under the Culture Shelter. Come, join us!

  • Astrid & Werner

    Amateur singers at the Sing Along! Choir Festivals

    As enthusiastic singers we are looking forward to the next Sing Along! Choir Festival. What would Vienna be without the Cathedral, what would the Cathedral be without music?

  • Oliver Benz

    Cultural Journalist

    The musical events in St. Stephen's Cathedral were always many unforgettable evenings. Let it stay that way!

  • Emil Breit

    Trombone, Stage Management

    Vienna without culture would only be "Vienna". Sounds silly, but today it is more true than ever. So support this great initiative, and buy a roof tile.

  • Toni Rotter

    Director of Kantorei St. Magdalena, Herzogenaurach

    What could be better than introducing young people to the vast treasure of vocal music, especially church music? And where could this be experienced more deeply than in such a sublime building as St. Stephen's?